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2017 NAACP Community Gathering

I’m just now leaving the Fairfax County 2017 NAACP Community Gathering event commemorating Black History Month. There were so many incredible speakers and I learned so much about the community and what is still left to be done. I am now a member and am looking forward to my first official meeting. Click here to … Continue reading

Crisis Counselor Challege

For the last six months, I have  been volunteering as a crisis counselor for The Trevor Project, which provides real-time support to suicidal LGBTQ youth.  This organization originally sparked my interest because I feel that it is absolutely heartbreaking that someone would rather die than be themselves.  After extensive training, I began my 1-year obligation as … Continue reading

Fighting Human Trafficking with CVJI

I am the Director of Prevention with the newly-established Central Virginia Justice Initiative (CVJI) and have started taking a more active roll in raising public awareness regarding the human trafficking issue in our region.  I will share updates as the activities progress, however I wanted to go ahead and share this graphic.  I feel like … Continue reading

Meals to No Kid Hungry

I would like to announce that we have chosen No Kid Hungry as our designated charity for Bon Appetreat. Thanks to our customers last Sunday, we will be donating 30 meals to hungry children this week.  I’m so excited about this…I’m very grateful that our new company, and our customers, have a new way to … Continue reading

Helping the At-Risk Youth of Stafford Junction

Stafford Junction is an organization that provides activities for youths who are considered at-risk, based on poverty levels or circumstance.  It’s a little-known, but amazing organization that I feel doesn’t receive the recognition that it deserves for its efforts. I’m excited to volunteer to help with the organization’s summer camp over the next few weeks.  … Continue reading

Managing the Farmers Market

My boyfriend and I are lucky enough to be the owners and managers of the North Stafford Farmers Market, which just entered it’s second season of operation.  This season, we were able to hire staff thanks to a Mary Washington Hospital grant that has allowed us to have more family time on the weekends.  However, … Continue reading

Advisory Committee Meeting with the Doctor Yum Project

I was recently invited to be a member of the Advisory Committee for The Doctor Yum Project. I’m truly impressed with this organization and what they’ve achieved in just a couple years! Yesterday was my first advisory meeting, and I found it very informative. The purpose of The Doctor Yum Project is to combat childhood … Continue reading

Central Virginia Television Network

Our mission is to provide the communities of Central Virginia programs with purpose, meaning and excellence through the voice of Public Access Television. The Central Virginia Television Network (CVTV) is a non-profit, independent television station that is dedicated to the education and enrichment of our local communities. We believes that having a foundation of education, … Continue reading

Providing a New Place of Learning

This month’s trip to Casa de la Esperanza left us very dusty and sore. Our goal at the Tijuana orphanage was to restore the children’s library to a condition where it was safe and accessible. The hope is that with an organized library, the children would be allowed to enjoy the books and promote their … Continue reading