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2017 NAACP Community Gathering

I’m just now leaving the Fairfax County 2017 NAACP Community Gathering event commemorating Black History Month. There were so many incredible speakers and I learned so much about the community and what is still left to be done. I am now a member and am looking forward to my first official meeting. Click here to … Continue reading

Crisis Counselor Challege

For the last six months, I have  been volunteering as a crisis counselor for The Trevor Project, which provides real-time support to suicidal LGBTQ youth.  This organization originally sparked my interest because I feel that it is absolutely heartbreaking that someone would rather die than be themselves.  After extensive training, I began my 1-year obligation as … Continue reading

SPAWAR’s Sailor of the Year

I am completely humbled and honored to be SPAWAR Reserve Program’s Sailor of the Year (SOY)!  This was a multiple day, tough competition where I competed with SPAWAR’s finest.  I learned so much from the other finalists and know they will go on to be incredible leaders in the US Navy Reserves.  I want to thank … Continue reading

Fighting Human Trafficking with CVJI

I am the Director of Prevention with the newly-established Central Virginia Justice Initiative (CVJI) and have started taking a more active roll in raising public awareness regarding the human trafficking issue in our region.  I will share updates as the activities progress, however I wanted to go ahead and share this graphic.  I feel like … Continue reading

Some Thoughts for the Morning

I feel like my life is in a constant state of change.  Much of that likely has to do with how quickly time passes and the constant flood of ideas and activities that take place in my life.  I love it.  There is a lot of sacrifice involved and many long days working multiple projects.  … Continue reading

Meals to No Kid Hungry

I would like to announce that we have chosen No Kid Hungry as our designated charity for Bon Appetreat. Thanks to our customers last Sunday, we will be donating 30 meals to hungry children this week.  I’m so excited about this…I’m very grateful that our new company, and our customers, have a new way to … Continue reading

A Month of Business, Traveling, and Charity

August was crazy (and yes, I have slacked on blogging yet again). Preparing for the launch of the new business has been overshadowing all of our other activities.  Bon Appetreat now has a selection of granola, trail mixes, chicken and beef jerky, and crackers.  However, I’m mostly excited about the new kid’s line of healthy … Continue reading

A New Business Emerges

It’s been over a week since I posted last.  Aside from a trip to visit my boyfriend’s family in West Virginia, we have been in the process of developing and launching a new business. We’re excited! I was running the North Stafford Farmers Market a couple weeks ago and brain storming vending ideas with my … Continue reading

Empowerment for my Profession and Spirit

I had a lot of meetings this week.  It was a broad scale of meetings, which included TV production, real estate, and even our region’s transportation.  However, the most impactful day for me was on Tuesday, when I had two meetings that made me feel empowered in a number of different ways. The first was a meeting … Continue reading

Helping the At-Risk Youth of Stafford Junction

Stafford Junction is an organization that provides activities for youths who are considered at-risk, based on poverty levels or circumstance.  It’s a little-known, but amazing organization that I feel doesn’t receive the recognition that it deserves for its efforts. I’m excited to volunteer to help with the organization’s summer camp over the next few weeks.  … Continue reading