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A Month of Business, Traveling, and Charity

Bon Appetreat

August was crazy (and yes, I have slacked on blogging yet again).

Preparing for the launch of the new business has been overshadowing all of our other activities.  Bon Appetreat now has a selection of granola, trail mixes, chicken and beef jerky, and crackers.  However, I’m mostly excited about the new kid’s line of healthy snacks for lunch boxes.  We’ve partnered with Doctor Yum and have already been asked to be the food supplier for the Fredericksburg tree lighting this year.  Our website is being built and we are working through the state requirements for us to sell online and in retail stores.  Things are looking good!

August was filled with trips to see family, a 1984 Prom-themed party, and a Louisville vs Miami football game.  I was also recently inducted into the North Stafford Rotary Club and am in the process of applying for the 6:3 Networking group in Stafford.  The big project I have coming up, however, is putting together a Halloween fundraiser to benefit the homeless.  I’m still securing the date, but I’ll have more details coming soon!

September is looking to be just as busy as August, but we have a few fun things coming up.  We’re taking Kallie to the Color Vibe run tomorrow.  I’m so excited!  Hopefully, we’ll get some good photos out of it 🙂



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