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Empowerment for my Profession and Spirit

I had a lot of meetings this week.  It was a broad scale of meetings, which included TV production, real estate, and even our region’s transportation.  However, the most impactful day for me was on Tuesday, when I had two meetings that made me feel empowered in a number of different ways.

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The first was a meeting with the Chamber’s Network of Enterprising Women (CNEW), which is a division of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was located in the beautiful and historic Fredericksburg Country Club.  I am not officially a part of CNEW, however I am in the process of joining the North Stafford Rotary Club, and will have access to the organization through my membership.  So, I basically stopped by as a guest this week.  What really separated this meeting from other “women clubs” that I’ve attended is the fact that that all of these women were continuing to build their own businesses.  They were all achieving a balance between work, family, and social networking.  It was an enjoyable lunch to grow and connect with these wonderful women.

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The second meeting was with the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).  It was my first time meeting with the local chapter (or really the organization as a whole).  The chapter is still young and growing, and we were all able to sit snuggly in a small conference room at the Porter Library.  This meeting was not at all what I thought I expected.  These incredible women shared two hours of spiritual and emotional empowerment.  That may sound sappy in a way, but those are the elements that control our happiness and ability to inspire others.  These women cared for each of the club’s members individually, and tried to adapt to the different needs of all of us.  No matter how good we think we are, we all need this type of experience to lift us up and keep us going.

I had a wonderful (and busy) day on Tuesday and feel like the effects of it will help boost me over the next couple weeks.  I would highly recommend attending or joining either of these events if you are a professional or enterprising woman!



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