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Helping the At-Risk Youth of Stafford Junction

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Stafford Junction is an organization that provides activities for youths who are considered at-risk, based on poverty levels or circumstance.  It’s a little-known, but amazing organization that I feel doesn’t receive the recognition that it deserves for its efforts.

I’m excited to volunteer to help with the organization’s summer camp over the next few weeks.  Here are details on the camp from the organization’s website:

“The summer months are exceptionally difficult times for families living in poverty.  School provides a safe place and nutritious food for children.  To bridge this gap, we offer our Summer Junction program which provides day camp and other enrichment activities and experiences for children ages 3-15.

Through Summer Junction, we provide at least 8 sessions of Summer Junction Day Camp, 10-15 field trip experiences, 5-10 other multi-day programs.  These programs offer children an alternate to roaming around neighborhoods and helps keep them out of trouble.”

Thursday was my first day helping with the program, and I was assigned to a table of 6-year-olds.  I immediately began making friends with the children and creating bonds.  They were so sweet!  And anxious to begin the days activities.  The next few hours that followed included nutritional education, outdoor activities, crafts, coloring, and character development.  The kids had such a great time and the activities were truly enriching.  I’m excited to go back next week!




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