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Presenting at the North Stafford Rotary Club

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After a local newspaper article was published regarding my being awarded the 2014 Woman of the Year Award, the North Stafford Rotary Club invited me to come speak to its members.  I wasn’t sure what topic I should share with the group, and I debated between the activities with which I’m involved.  The go to topic would be the North Stafford Farmers Market, which my boyfriend and I established last year.  I am very proud of the market, and am excited about its growing success, however sometimes it feels like it can overshadow the other amazing organizations with which I’m an active participant.  I decided to speak briefly about five different topics, and leave it to the Rotarians to ask questions about what peaked their interest.

These are the five topics that I chose:

North Stafford Farmers Market (NS-FM)

– how it started

– changes this year

– Mary Washington Hospital Grant/SNAP program

– donations to S.E.R.V.E.

– will donate 10% to Stafford Junction when the NS-FM store opens

Farm Fresh Deliveries

– need for an alternative method of produce distribution

– 10% is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

Central Virginia Television Network (CVTV)

– five years in the making

– recently secured our studio

– start 24-hour broadcasting on cable on July 21st in Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Spotsylvania

– currently have around 25 shows, with a goal of around 40

Central Virginia Justice Initiative (CVJI)

– Mission: to educate, equip, and mobilize our Central Virginia community with the tools needed to be a force in the movement to end human trafficking.

– Washington DC and Richmond have high human trafficking activity

– Areas of focus: Awareness, Education, Advocacy, Prevention, Prayer

– my role with The Prevention Project

The Doctor Yum Project

– Mission: to foster wellness through education, action, and advocacy.

– kids cooking classes, preschool nutrition program, grocery shopping classes, youth learning garden

Hopefully, I was able to raise some awareness about these growing organizations.  I’m very grateful to have been invited by the Rotarians to speak!  I’m sure that I will see them again soon 🙂

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