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Managing the Farmers Market

vanessa griffin michael paul

My boyfriend and I are lucky enough to be the owners and managers of the North Stafford Farmers Market, which just entered it’s second season of operation.  This season, we were able to hire staff thanks to a Mary Washington Hospital grant that has allowed us to have more family time on the weekends.  However, we were short staffed last weekend for the holiday and had the opportunity to spend the day with our vendors and customers at the farmers market.


It was a beautiful day outside, and despite the holiday, we stayed decently busy.  I absolutely love to see families coming and enjoying the fresh produce and festive atmosphere.  It was a rough process setting up the market last year…hundreds of unpaid hours trying to get everything together.  It truly warms my heart to see people who are excited to be at the farmers market, or to have someone approach and thank us for all of our efforts.


It is also important to us to help promote local, healthy eating.  All of our produce is from within 125 miles of Stafford County, which means that our customers are literally getting access to the freshest produce available.  Stafford residents now have the ability to easily get local produce, without having to get on the freeway.  We also opened Farm Fresh Deliveries this year to offer home delivery services for individuals and families who are unable to make it to the market on Sundays.  It’s all part of a new community health initiative that is gaining strength in our region.

We look forward to a great farmers market season, and even more to come in the future!


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