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Providing a New Place of Learning

vanessa griffin stafford mexico

This month’s trip to Casa de la Esperanza left us very dusty and sore.

Our goal at the Tijuana orphanage was to restore the children’s library to a condition where it was safe and accessible. The hope is that with an organized library, the children would be allowed to enjoy the books and promote their reading and learning skills.

When we first opened the abandoned room, there was a layer of dust settling on massive piles of books covering the shelves and table. I think it was a bigger project than most of the volunteers had anticipated, and I was positive that we wouldn’t finish in the amount of time we had allotted. But by pulling together we somehow plowed through the work.

We sorted the piles, removing books we thought wouldn’t be used and reorganized the remaining books onto the newly cleaned shelves. At the end of the project, I was amazed at the result. We actually managed to create a decent place where the children could come and expand their knowledge. I think that the only issue now is making sure that the orphanage administrators continue to provide access and support some kind of reading program. I have a feeling we’ll have to take it one month at a time.

vanessa griffin stafford mexico



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